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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Changing Priorities

Yesterday was a milestone day for me.

I had a date.

In the past, this would have meant rushing home from work. Going through my entire wardrobe working out outfit possibilities. Showering and getting ready and still probably not be ready on time.

That was the old me. The new me stated very clearly that I wouldn't be able to meet up till 7pm as I had a workout to do.

Instead of rushing home and rushing around like a headless chook, my afternoon was planned and well constructed. I went on my run, and even managed to beat my time for 5km - down to 43 minutes (I'm super motivated at the moment as he can run 10km in the same time - how's that for motivation). I calmly had my shower, picked out clothes and was ready in plenty of time.

In fact, there was enough time for me to ponder why I was always rushing and never comfortable. Yesterday I'd proven to myself that there was no need. That I have enough control in my life to make exercise part of it. It's not a weight loss program - it's a lifestyle change. So far the quality of my life has improved ten fold and it's only getting better from here on in.

Now that I've had my little "brag" moment, let's move on to another…

This morning I'm back on the wagon!! I am happy to report a 1.3kg donation to the universe. This puts me at less than 3 kg away from the magic double digits. I've got some big exercise plans this week, but is 2.7kg achievable for me in a week? I guess there's only one way to find out - watch this space!


  1. How exciting :-) I hope your date went well for you, bring on the double digits too! x

  2. Well done Camilla!