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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Roast Beef Salad - Perfect for lunch (241 cal)

Coles - Sliced Roast Beef, 90 g10622202Ico_delete
Salad - Cherry Tomatoes, 8 tomatoes124021Ico_delete
Mirabel - Mix of Mache, Red and Green Leaf and Oak Leaf - Lettuces, 0.5 cup80000Ico_delete
Cucumber - With peel, raw, 30 g51001Ico_delete
Coles - Baby Capers, 5 g20000Ico_delete
Paul's - Sour Cream Lite, 10 g211201Ico_delete
Coles - Hot English Mustard, 2.5 g40000Ico_delete
Masterfoods Horseradish Cream - Creamy Horse Radish, 0.5 teaspoon50000Ico_delete
Eggs - Hard-boiled (whole egg), 1 large781561Ico_delete

The salad is self explanatory. The dressing is mixing the mustard, horseradish cream and sour cream, refrigerate overnight and top your salad. Very yummy and very easy to make.

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