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Monday, 26 March 2012

Learning to Focus on the Journey - not the Rest Stops

For those of you who are wondering (and even those of you who aren't) I had a really enjoyable weekend.
Friday kicked off with a girl's night out at at Tupperware party. I brought two beers with me, knowing they were 97 calories each. I brought carrot and celery sticks and sorj crisps (cut up wraps and toasted) to ensure I wouldn't blow out. Yep I think I planned it all pretty well until I got there. OMG!! Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting! The second my eyes locked in on them my taste buds had already defeated my mind and I knew it was only a matter of time. I had two…. Maybe it was three…. Nope, I had 4 velvet cupcakes - surely they couldn't be that bad. I did a quick estimate - about 365 calories per cupcake - geez - I hadn't done really well. That's not counting all the other little things I nibbled on. For the day I came in at double my calorie allowance. I enjoyed my night and as the guilt was setting in I started planning for it.
Saturday morning I got up early, threw on a load of washing and got dressed into my workout gear. I finally became motivated and headed to the gym. After ninety minutes I gave up - only 701 calories burned. So much for my plan of burning the 1200 overspend from yesterday on top of my SSS of 1000. I just wasn't going to make it. I made a mad dash home, showered and changed and off to the dentist. Even the dentist said that he could see that I was eating clean as my oral hygience was immaculate. Wow, I had no idea he'd be able to tell! So back home I went and spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch. Knackered. I shouldn't have been so tired from just one gym session but I'm thinking the dirty eating didn't help. I wasn't really hungry on Saturday and only had a white fish fillet for dinner.
Sunday may as well not have happened. I spent most of the day at work running around ticketing and preparing for stocktake, and by lunch I was already tired. So I gave in to a toasted sandwich and a water juice drink. So I exceeded my 1200 calories for the day but with the exericse I'd hope it'd offset each other.
This morning the scales told me the horrible truth (and yes, I know I shouldn't be peeking) - I hadn't done enough to counteract my unclean eating habits this weekend. Sitting at 101.2kg, I vowed to plan my days better. My initial thought was to cut my calories to 1000 for the next 2-3 days to gain back some ground and then, thanks to my lovely crew, something snapped. I had stopped focussing on my journey. Double digits was by no means my end goal - it was a mini goal. I need to focus on long term goals and achieving them and by 'skipping' the tried and true methods I could quite possibly be setting myself up for greater failure. Was that a risk I was happy to accept? Nope, not this little ducky. So I'm still on 1200 calories a day, but slightly lighter in the carbs and a bit heavier on the proteins. I've got my pedometer on and I'm vowing to be moving a lot more - 10,000 steps is no longer acceptable, I'm aiming for 13,000 today and then see how far I can push it.
Now there's just the waiting game - waiting nervously for wwww…..

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  1. I feel your pain camilla, I am only on a tiny journey compared to yours, but like you I have set a goal (weight, exercise, and daily calories) and I get so angry at myself when I give into temptation and have a huge blow out. As you said though, its the big picture that counts, and we need to stop punishing ourselves for the bad days, and keep the big picture in mind xxx