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Friday, 2 March 2012

Chilli Choc Mousse (140 cals per serve)

Chilli Choc Mousse (this satisfies my chocolate cravings every time - very moorish)
Serves 2

2 Squares of Lindt Chilli Chocolate (95 cal)
15g Vitarium Sugar Free Drinking Chocolate (9 cal)
300ml Reduced Fat Woollies Milk (152 cal)
1 tbsp Gelatin Powder (23 cal)

Place 100ml of the milk into a microwaveable container and heat milk until it is frothing but not bubbling. Add gelatin powder and whisk in. Once all gelatin powder is dissolved, add the chilli chocolate (which has been chopped into little pieces) and keep whisking. This will also dissolve into the mixture. Once it's well blended I add the remaining milk and also the drinking chocolate, whisk the last of it together and pour into the two dishes you will be serving in. Place in the fridge to set/chill for approx 2 hours.

You definitely don't need more than one serve!!

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