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Friday, 16 March 2012

Priorities, priorities...

I know I’ve been neglecting my blog – yes, I am getting the hint!!

I’ve had a super busy week this week. On top of my normal two jobs, my regular walks, my workouts and throw in a training course or two, I have found myself running short on time. I’ve worked out that if I could have 3 hours extra per day on average, I would be extremely satisfied and not tired. Anyone want to donate me theirs?

Okay, let’s go through the week in priorities:

Priority 1 : My Everest Challenge

I’m only at 30% of my fundraising goal. I committed to raising $1,000 before the end of March. Every dollar helps. Thank you in advance to all of you who have been generous and donated. For those of you who haven’t but have a spare $5 or $10 sitting in your wallet, click this link please:

I committed to raising $1,000 and I am sitting on $297!!

“I am working wonders for sick kids in March by virtually climbing Everest!  My team members and I will each be taking 10,000 steps a day for two weeks in a virtual race to the summit. 

We need more team members to support us reach the fundraising peak!
Come join in the fun by clicking on the link below:
Camilla's Everest Challenge

(In some instances the above link appears not completely underlined, or broken into two parts. If this is happening for you, cut and paste the whole link into your internet browser.)

Sponsor me and support Working Wonders for Sick Kids by making a secure online donation.

Every year the Royal Children's Hospital treats over 30,000 kids from all over Queensland.  The funds we raise through tackling Everest will help researchers find faster diagnoses, better treatments and ultimately cures that help sick kids everywhere.

Thanks for your support!


Priority 2 : Date Nights

As I mentioned very briefly and in not much detail, I had a date last weekend. Well I’ve had more than one date now and everything is still looking good. Most positive thing is that he’s got similar interests and is very much into nutrition and fitness like I am. I have confessed my 12wbt goals and he is happy to support me. Fingers crossed.
Priority 3 : Funny Photos

So I’ve spoken to a few of my followers and I have agreed to do some funny photos. To date I haven’t had much time, but I will set the self timer on Sunday and take a few funny pics. Just be warned, if you’ve already got sore cheeks or a tummy, they’re going to be even more sore from laughing so hard J

Priority 4 : Double Digits

Yep, double digits are so close now it’s making me lightheaded and jelly-legged. More than ever I just want to get out there and smash calories to see me back in double digits for the first time since 2006. This is monumental for me. I haven’t quite decided how to celebrate this milestone yet, currently tossing up between conquering Mt Jim Crow or doing a day trip over to one of the islands off Yeppoon for a full day hike. Very excited either way!!

So that just about covers what I’ve been up to and what I’m doing. Tonight is my night off. My workout is done and dusted and I’m watching Better Homes and Gardens whilst enjoying a pamper night. Skin and hair treatments, thick facial crèmes and lovely scented candles – yep, no testosterone in sight!! Enjoy your Saturday and I’ll check in again soon xo

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