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Friday, 10 May 2013

PB Smashing Time!

What PB (personal bests) have you challenged yourself to beat this year?

Even whilst I’m still over 100kg I tend to jump in feet first to things and just hope I can swim (or at least float). I started this trend last year by competing in the Rocky River Run, which is a fun run in Rockhampton, Central Qld in June. Last year I nominated for 10km. The second I paid my noms I was sure I’d clock in last. My goal last year was to beat 1 hour 30 minutes.
I did it. I beat my goal.

Not only did I beat it, I smashed it at just over 1 hour 21 minutes.

This year when the talk started about this fun run I thought about how embarrassed I was that I hadn’t lost any further weight, in fact I’d gained. I was very tempted to just sign up for the 5km and take the easy route and forget about it all. As all these thoughts were going through my head, one voice was stronger and louder than all the others. A very good friend of mine has a quote that regularly kicks me back into line:

So I’ve signed up for the 10 km.

I’m honestly not sure how I’ll go this year. I’ve had a huge break from training and have only just kicked back into gear in the last few weeks. Do I dare to dream? Do I dare to stretch? Setting my goal to hit the same time last year might be the logical thing but it’s not the Camilla thing. I’m pushing for a run finishing under 1 hr 15 mins – is it possible? Hell yeah! I just have to focus and increase the intensity of my training.

With everything else going on, can I do this? Am I overloading myself and heading for failure? I don’t think I am – what are your thoughts?

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