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Friday, 17 May 2013

I Didn’t Think of My Fat as a Jumper

I’m a sweater. No, don’t jump ahead, not a sweater as in a jumper but a sweater as in a person who sweats profusely. I sweat when it’s hot, when I’m uncomfortable, when I’ve been put on the spot or whenever else the sweat glands feel like a party. It’s not pretty, but I’m used to it and I dress accordingly. I’d rather be a little cold and ‘dry’, then warm and sweating.

Now that I’m shedding weight I’m noticing the cold more than I ever have. At 123kg I rarely needed a jumper or jacket and was quite comfortable with the air con on 80% of the year. This year it’s different. Oh how the times have changed!!

This morning I got up (as I do three times a week now) for bootcamp at some ridiculous hour – in fact I refuse to wear a watch at that time because I don’t want to acknowledge it. This morning it was 16 degrees Celsius when I left home, and 15 degrees by the time I reached Bootcamp. Now I’ve heard people claiming everything from that it’s ‘stifling hot’ to ‘that’s not even close to being cold’. Well, that all depends on what you compare it to.

Compare it to Victoria and Tassie, then nope, that’s not cold at all. Compare it to Fiji and Hawaii and it’s flippin’ freezing. Central Queensland – well it’s our winter, and this year I’m feeling it.

For the first time ever I wore a jumper to bootcamp and even wore it on my warm up run – that is unheard of!! Yep, I must be shedding the insulation that’s previously kept me so comfy and warm. Now I’m looking at jackets and woollen knits – still only light ones, but something to keep me from freezing. They say keeping warm uses more calories so maybe being cold isn’t really a bad thing…..


  1. I can totally relate to this. In Sydney I find myself swearing two jumpers, inside! Four layers are a regular thing for me now. Not sure how I'm going to cope when it really gets to winter around August time.

    1. I never thought I'd be one to feel the cold, and this is just the start :)