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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Cake for Breakfast.

I can feel the judging stares and thoughts already.

She said what? Really? Surely not… She knows how bad that is, right? Isn’t she trying to shed weight? What on earth is she thinking??

Sometimes things change. More to the point, priorities change.

Yes, I am trying to shed weight. Yes, I did have cake for breakfast. Are you willing to let me tell my story before you judge me?

I’ve been quiet for a little while as I’ve had a few days off work. Days to focus on other things in my life, trying to rebalance everything.

I’ve now officially started on the 12 Week Body Transformation. You’ve all seen my starting pics and my data has been updated. I still haven’t added in my measurements, but I have them and I just need to take the time.  The groceries have all been bought for my 12wbt nutritional menu and the planning has been done for me, now I just need to follow it.

So I had a birthday for a very special person in my life this week. It’s been a while since I had baked a cake with all the trimmings so I thought I’d jump in and do it. I made a choc/butter marble cake and filled it with blueberry, banana cream and decorated it with chocolate, strawberries and cream. It tasted devine. As I had things to do on Tuesday, I had my slice for breakfast. To be honest, I had another slice for afternoon tea too. Then I removed the temptation by sending the cake away to be gone from my watering eyes and mouth!

This is not a regular occurrence. I don’t always have cake for breakfast. In fact I can’t think of the last time I did. This week I did. I do not feel guilty because this is life. I realise that I need to work twice as hard this week to make up for it and I’m willing to do that.

Last night I made the famous 12WBT Beef Stroganoff and at just over 300 cals per serve I was stuffed!! The servings were huge!! Looking at how much pasta I ‘should’ have compared to how much I ‘used to’ have is a clear explanation as to how I became obese. I was eating enough pasta for about 10-15 people in one sitting! Wowsers my portion control was out of control!

Tonight I challenge the treadmill to 10km in preparation for the Rocky River Run and to ensure I beat my goals. I’ll chat again tomorrow xx

PS Not sure why but my pictures won't load the right way - consider it my way of helping you stretch your neck...


  1. It's not healthy to beat yourself up about things like this. It was a treat, an occasion for someone special, and you enjoyed it. You're right, that's life. Now it's time to get back to it!

    The beef strog was pretty darn delicious! I'm looking forward to having it for lunch today :)

    1. Thanks Emily. I love cooking and baking and sometimes I think I just need to get over it and do a workout instead. My meals are health conscious but still working out how to bake healthy, but I do it in moderation :)

    2. I know how you feel. Apparently there is a banana bread recipe on 12WBT that is 300 cals per slice, still a few extra cals but good to soothe that baking itch... maybe??

  2. If the worst thing that happens to you this week is that you eat a few little pieces of cake, I think you're doing pretty good. You have to be able to enjoy the special occasions and you did the right thing by getting rid of the rest of the cake! It looked amazing btw! I, too, had that same pasta revelation. I've been eating for 6 as well! Was surprisingly stuffed after dinner! Best wishes for the rest of the week and beyond :)

    1. Thanks for the perspective - I keep forgetting to look at the big picture :) Yeah I can't believe how 'far out' my pasta serves were, lol, at least we're learning now!!

  3. Beautiful cake, and the beef stroganoff also looked really tasty. You are a great cook.


    1. Thanks Dad!! My cooking and baking would have to be one of my strong points. I can whip up just about anything and I love creating recipes!!