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Friday, 26 April 2013

My legs! What happened to my legs?

It's Friday morning and it's tough.
Firstly, after a public holiday yesterday and a weekend starting tomorrow, I'm really not feeling overly enthused about being at work. Still, I'm here and I'm doing what I need to do. Secondly, this morning was bootcamp number 2. Yep, up before the sun again, slogging it out. My knees are red raw from doing burpees on wet grass, my shoes are saturated from jogging round ovals and doing sprints and my clothes are wet and covered in ground from the times I completely collapsed on the ground. I didn't give up though. I didn't quit. With the pyramids of burpees and shoulder presses I was miles behind the others, who I shall refer to as SFs - the super fits, but I persisted. At the end of a 45 minute session that felt like it had been crammed into five minutes of torture we were done. I wasn't sure how I was supposed to get up the couple of steps at the front of my house to get inside. I was still sore from Wednesday, now I was fatigued and oh so tired. As I walked past my bedroom to the shower, my bed called out to me, it was hard but I managed to resist. After a quick shower I was feeling not so zombie like but still not 100% there.
Time for breakkie. Now I promised last post that this post I'd touch on my new found protein powders! For breakfast at the moment I'm having multigrain porridge with 1/2 scoop of protein powder (vanilla) and half a banana (or just sprinkled with cinnamon if my bananas aren't ripe yet). I find this is very filling and tides me over nicely till mid morning.

The dry mix
The finished product

I am also having a protein shake for my morning tea, and again for my afternoon tea. These new shakes are so tasty, they're my preferred choice and at around 115cals when mixe with water, they're calorie conscious too. They're from bulk nutrients, so there's no excess sugar or carbs or anything else that I don't really need in them and the flavour is amazing!! I've had them cold, hot, with water, with milk - it doesn't matter. These powders are to die for!! With nearly 30g protein per serve, I'm finally getting my recommended amount. I'm stoked to have found them and it's only thanks to a good friend and motivator that I did.

The next think I've learnt is that my body doesn't hydrate like it should. I can drink 2-3 litres of water, my urine can be clear and yet I'm still not hydrated. So after some research and tips from my trainer, today I've bought som Enduro online as an electrolyte rich drink to help me keep hydrated. When I get it, I will let you know what it tastes like and how it works for me.
For now I'm signing out though as even my fingers are hurting from the workout. I've never felt more alive though and I'm wrapt to have found my mojo again. Stay tuned and I'll be back early next week xx

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