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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Crack'o Sparrow Fart

The trickles of waterfalls can be heard as I slowly open my eyes. Without thinking I start to close them again before it dawns on me. Today is the day. It's my very first day of bootcamp. I check my phone, and yep, it's 4.40am! I look around my room half dazed and realise that lights are still on from the blackout last night - the reason I had to rely on what I refer to as my wimpy alarm to wake me up. It's so dark. It may as well be 2 am as far as I'm concerned, and my nerves start setting in.
Only yesterday I'd been standing on some scales that surely belonged in outer space. With retractable handles that you pull up once you stand on it, it measures everything. Everything from hydration, to weight, lean body mass, fat mass, visceral fat and also gives you a bioage. Now I'm normally pretty good as far as tests go but this one I failed. My measurements are out of control and my bioage is 46…. 46!! We both agreed things had to change. I calmly asked what would be a realistic expectation in weight loss over the next four weeks - Tash responded that she believed I could lose at least 5kg over the next four weeks depending on my commitment. I knew what was needed. There and then I committed to myself to lose a more than 5kg in the next 4 weeks.
Back to the darkness of the crack of sparrow fart. Due to the blackout I hadn't really prepared but I thought twenty minutes would be plenty to throw on workout clothes and get there. Nope. No, it wasn't. I grabbed a towel, my yoga mat, a drink bottle after I got dressed and headed out the door. Nothing was stirring and I only had 5 minutes to get there. It was local, I should be right - well, I would have been if I had known where I was going. I hadn't a clue. My 'so clever Samsung' wasn't much help either.
I arrived five minutes late. I expected to be punished for it but I wasn't. I think. I joined in the warm up, a little late but warmed up pretty quickly. Today was a fitness test so we could gauge where we'd come from so we can compare again in four weeks. Dismal. That's my result according to myself. I don't have the numbers as I was too busy dying to remember them but I wrote them down and I have entrusted Tash with them.
The boot camp was 45 minutes long, but I swear it only felt like 5 minutes - 5 long torturous minutes. Before I knew it I was in the car ready to go home. I thought I'd better take a pic as proof - please see below - it's not pretty - I'm not smiling because it takes energy to smile and I had none.

Now I sweated like I was wearing a lake instead of a shirt, I was saturated and don’t recall having worked that hard in a very, very long time. It was refreshing. It was good. Along with my new nutrition and my awesome new protein shakes (I'll blog about these later) I'm feeling great. Nearly day one over and so far I'm 100%! I'm back so watch out!!
Also contemplating adding a running coach - any thoughts peeps??


  1. WOMAN! 5am is hell to start with but once you get use ot it its crap sleeping in.
    Well done for getting into it

    1. Yep, I'm finally getting the whole JFDI attitude. It's taken a while, but I'm getting it!

  2. Fabulous !!!! a step closer to your goal :-)

  3. well done Camilla for getting up so early! I have struggled myself recently and am so proud of you. I have also found a couch to 10km running program - will send it to you.
    Rocky Mel

    1. Thanks Mel for your neverending support!! Don't know where I'd be without you :)