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Monday, 29 April 2013

Like a First Time Cowboy....

Third crack'o dawn boot camp completed. Not in style, but I was there. Half-awake from my 4.30am wakeup call I stumbled down to the local park, even early for once, ready for the torture that was about to be thrown upon me. I was still walking like a first time cowboy that's just spent a week horsing around, my legs weren't going to keep supporting me with this torture. So whilst I stood there in the freezing cold I dreamt of a lovely bootcamp where we just did easy exercises, like stretching and so forth. At 5 am reality started. First up, a run around the big block - not exactly what I'd been envisaging but when it comes to bootcamp, it's easier to obey than to challenge someone. So off I went. The SuperFits took off and before long I was jogging along (barely) listening to my own raspy breath as I tried to keep going and going. My legs were burning and my lungs weren't far off it either. The SFs were on their way back to me to rescue me and push me along to finish faster than the pace I was going. This was only the leadup into the next 45 minutes of painstaking exercise. What was the one thing I took from this that's probably more important than all else? It was that I was there. I was committed and regardless of the fact that I was the unfittest person there, I persevered. It's been a long time since my determination has been out but I'm starting to see it more and more frequently. Hopefully in time this will all just be a good habit and I'll be fit and healthy once more. It didn't happen overnight but hopefully it will happen.

So, what did I get up to on the weekend? Well, although I had planned to do a big workout on Saturday, this didn't quite happen. I introduced new babies to my garden family instead. Roses. I've never had any roses except miniature roses before so I was quite excited. I’ve posted a pic below so that you can see my choices.

I can honestly say that on the weekend, I was the most motivated I’d been for a Saturday in a long time – hopefully a sign of greater things to come!

Signing out this Monday and continuing my countdown to Fiji – ten weeks to go!

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