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Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Today I am exhausted. I'm more tired than normal and I just can't pick why.
I had a good eight hours sleep, I've had plenty of water and yet I'm looking around for matchsticks as we speak - well I write, you read.
This has been the cycle for the last 2-3 weeks for me and it's driving me up the wall. I could sleep all day, every day at the moment and still not be satisfied.
Tonight I'm biting the bullet. I'm heading home straight from work, no gym, no detours. I'm cooking dinner, packing lunch, sorting uniforms for my double (both jobs) tomorrow and going to bed. If this means I'm in bed by 7 pm, then so be it.
My body needs it, craves it. I'll see if getting a super full night will make a difference before I start searching Dr Google to self diagnose.
How much fun has self diagnosis become since Google came along?
I have never had any interest to become a doctor or to care for the sick and unwell. I'd much rather spend life in solitude than look after someone who is really unwell - sounds harsh doesn't it.... Anyway, back to self diagnosis. Since Google came along, I now search on every symptom I may (or may not) have to try to come up with a reason. A lot of the research is fun, and sometimes very interesting. Does anyone else consult Dr Google?
I also have an Uncle Google, that's where I go when I have random questions to ask. Professor Google is my insta-IT-help. I have a whole family of google I rely on day to day and I rely a lot less on information being passed through generations or learning from other people's mistakes. I learn from Google. I'm part of the Google generation.
Wowsers - that's two posts in one week - careful, this blogging thing might be catching again.

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