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Thursday, 13 June 2013


It’s a short five letter word that can have so much effect on our lives.

When we’re first welcomed into this world we sleep most of the day, then we go through the cycle of very little sleep, then as a teen we act like a baby again.

I’m very fortunate. I am normally able to sleep anywhere, anytime without any great difficulty. I was able to until the beginning of this year. This year has been the year of troubled sleep for me.

I’ve either not been falling asleep at a reasonable hour, or it’s been the opposite, where I’ve gone to bed in a timely manner, but woken up tired. I’ve been through a turmoil for the first half of this year, as you all know but now it’s getting beyond a joke. This is frustrating the hell out of me.

Yesterday I was so tired after getting up and heading to work, that I ended up having to pull over on the way to work for a ten minute powernap – in the morning!! This never used to be me. I used to be able to cope on very minimal sleep. Now it seems I can barely cope at all.

I’m a control nut. I control nearly every aspect of my life and I do it well. My weight has never been on that list and now I can add my sleep to it. It’s driving me insane. As I’m on medication, I’m not sure what I can take for the sleeping, if anything. All I know is that warm milk doesn’t help, and the smell of lavender is not soothing to me.

So this is the reason I didn’t write yesterday and it’s the reason that today’s post is short and sweet. I’m tired. I’m beyond tired – I’m fatigued. If anyone has any tips, send them through, either by comment on here or email – Thanks again!

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