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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Are you the watermelon in a group of peas?

Sometimes that’s how I feel.  I know that’s not really the case and it’s a big exaggeration on the truth, but it’s the closest comparison I could think of.

I attend and participate in 45 gruelling minutes of bootcamp three times a week at 5am. To date I have always been the least fit person attending, but from what I can tell, I’ve also been the most consistent.

I’m very competitive. I don’t like coming last. It took many sessions for me to realise that I’m not ‘coming last’ although sometimes I still slide back in to that mentality. My journey is mine. There is no need to compare it to those who are fitter than me.

I attend each session and I put in more in each session than I did in the previous one. By the time I get home I feel nauseate, exhausted and I know I’ve worked my hardest. Today I realised that I am actually improving.

I can jog the entire block now instead of having to walk most of it. Although I still fall behind, I am nowhere near as far behind as I used to be. I can feel my strength and my agility and speed and endurance improving. This is a fantastic feeling.

I can also start to feel my clothes getting loose again. For so long I considered myself the slowest or fattest – from now on I will be the most consistent in attendance. I will win, I will win my own battle.

Make your battle your own and don’t compare your journey with others unless they are your clone.

Cheers for now xx

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