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Friday, 28 June 2013

Chapter Friday

So it’s Friday. My promise of regular blogging has gone to the wayside. My promise to heal myself has been somewhat slowed. With changing medication and still struggling with my sleep, my brain and body has been nothing but a jumbled mess.

I can finally start to see improvements during bootcamp. I can now jog like the others, I only need to improve my speed (well for bootcamp anyway – I’d love to be able to endure 21km non stop too).

My eating hasn’t been totally by the wayside, I’m generally pretty good up until about dinner time most days. I definitely wouldn’t be exceeding about 1800 calories a day, but that’s still 600 calories more than the recommended amount to lose weight.

So what other bring things have happened? Apart from the State of Origin, I also had a change on Wednesday night. I finally made time to get my hair cut and coloured by a very wonderful hairdresser. You can see my results below. We’ve gone with some burgundy, copper, chocolate and blonde streaks as well as emphasising the layers more and re-trimming my fringe.

Tomorrow I add to the beautifying process by heading to the beautician. A truly luxurious pamper moment.

Other than that you haven’t missed much. It’s doing the final preparation before the impending Fiji trip to ensure I’m completely organised and on top of things. Sorting out all my interior plants to ensure they survive and mulching the rose garden to keep them comfy.

What do you think of my new hairdo??


  1. Det ser jättebra ut.

    Pappa och Mamma

  2. Love the new 'do. Go Camilla!