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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Skirt. I’m wearing a skirt.

As a ‘larger than life’ kind of girl, I’ve always been drawn to pants, shorts, jeans, capris – pretty much anything that isn’t a dress or a skirt. I feel this is because I’m not a fan of skin rubbing together and whilst my thighs are sharing the same space, rubbing would have been inevitable.

So what made me buy a skirt in the first place? Firstly, I’ve always bought skirts and dresses. Well, moreso dresses than skirts, but they both exist in my wardrobe. I’ve been known to wear dresses from time to time if the situation calls for it but I don’t recall wearing a skirt since my first job at Roma Street where it was part of the uniform. Back then I also wasn’t carrying all this excess weight.

So during my last uniform order I thought I’d order a skirt as a goal. To be comfortable enough to wear a skirt to work. It’s been a cold week, and I honestly couldn’t be bothered washing last night (I made this decision yesterday morning) so I figured I could wear my skirt.

I spent lunch time yesterday purchasing tights that were opaque and ones with patterns, then whilst doing the groceries after work I also picked up some block coloured ones in red, blue and purple. Surely with tights I’d be able to get away with it? Normally I’m quite happy to show off my legs, but they’re currently in the same state as a rainforest – full of growth! I’ve been ‘saving’ to wax just before my trip to Fiji so nude legs was definitely not on the cards.

So this morning I got up and pulled on a pair of opaque tights. They just didn’t sit right. I felt weird, so I pulled them off and as I did I managed to snag a nail. Nice work Camilla – now you’re definitely going to be late to work. So I filed down my nails and grabbed the next pair of tights.

These were surprisingly more comfortable to wear. I’ve taken some pics to share below. What’s your goal outfit?

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