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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Seconds on the Second...

So I've survived the New Year and my day off and it's first day back into counting.
Yep, it's been twelve months since I took my leap of faith to begin the most exciting journey I've ever been on. The journey to finding me.
I've shed some layers of fat, of emtional baggage and I've revealed some wonderful things I didn't even know existed.
I've learnt so many things about myself that to give up now and just live happily 'as is' would be a waste.
I want to see what I can do in 2013.
I want 2013 to challenge me.

I know this time of year is a very lonely time of year. I feel it every year, each one moreso than the last. I'm 31 turning 32 this year and once again I find myself single. I had always thought I'd be married with kids by now, or at least well and truly on my way. I realise now that I just haven't been ready.

I need to take some time to really identify what it is I want from life. Not what others expect me to want or expect me to do.

I've really learnt in the last few years who's willing to stand by me and I've also learnt that I'm not the 'great friend' I always professed to be. I have some work to do on my interpersonal skills, and that's fine - why? Well, because I know I need to do it and I'm allocating time and resources to doing so. This year is going to be a year of growth. I'm going to focus this year on learning more about me, about my life, about my dreams so that next year I can focus on achieving them all.

Just a short snippet for the time being, but I'll be back before you know it. I will be in touch more regularly and I've also started documenting on instagram so if you want to have a look, then look me up "throughcamillaseyes".

For now, stay strong, stay focussed and stay positive - you've got this!

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