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Tuesday, 15 January 2013


So we’re just over two weeks in to 2013 and I’m already hearing that people are giving up on their resolutions, promises and wishes to change. Is that you?

Is it me?

Nope, I may not be exactly where I want to be right now but I most certainly haven’t given up.

I have started taking some pretty extreme measures to ensure that I do achieve my goals this year though.  Being the tech geek I can be at times with my Samsung Galaxy III, I figured there’d be a way that this awesome phone would help me reach my expected goals. So late one night (last night) I started browsing all the apps available and I came across a habit creating app – yep, sounds weird but I thought I’d give it a go. What it does is it allows you to type in a habit you want to create, it will then remind you to do whatever it is you’ve decided for 21 consecutive days  - which is how long it takes to create a habit.

Not only did I download one of these apps, but I think I got two or three so I can test them and see which one I like best. I also had a look for an app that provided me with daily positive affirmations but was unable to find one – if anyone knows of one, please share.

Lastly, I somehow stumbled upon weightloss hypnosis apps. For those of you who know me will know that I’m a pretty big sceptic. As I’m giving everything a go this year with an open mind, I thought why the hell not. Let’s give it all a go. Surely it can’t be bad for me. Oh and did I mention 2 meditation apps?

This will be the year I’ll turn hippy at this rate!!

So with all these apps on my phone, I figure I’m pretty well armed.

I’ve also started sticking positive affirmations in love heart sticky notes on my mirror to repeat every morning and night.

I’ve also had some assistance from a very handy fella in setting my garden up properly. Fruit trees are in, my first square foot garden now has a watering system and I’m about to get some pretty awesome trellises built for my new grapes and passionfruit. I’ll take a photo on the weekend to share.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with a question. I’ve been thinking a lot about stepping outside the square this year but I wasn’t sure how. Then I was flicking through instagram and one of my very inspiring friends has photos of her bike, and constant pics of her successful rides and I thought “Could I?” – so do you think I could ride the 23km to and from work (with a decent 8-10km stretch of highway) on a regular basis? Obviously I’d have to drive on my two job days and I would have to look at whether I’d have the energy to ride on PT days, but can I do it? What are your tips for someone who hasn’t really ridden a bicycle in over 10 years?

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