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Monday, 5 November 2012

Empty Promises and Wayward Plans

Monday morning. It’s here again. Finale is 2 weeks away.
Enough is enough, I’ve wasted enough of my own time and everyone else’s with the cr@p I’ve written on here. All these empty promises and wayward plans.
I’m back to basics.
Logging all food in MFP again.
Setting plans for the week, like a to do list to ensure I don’t miss anything and I give myself the best chance at success possible.
I’m back to salads. Salads and protein. I’m going to kick the hell out of these last two weeks.
I am currently a borderline size 16/18. It all comes down to the brand and the cut.
I want to be a size 16 by finale.
I NEED to be a size 16 by finale.
I have some One Active outfits that I purchased last week and they feel a little tight.
I want them to fit comfortably by finale. I need them to fit comfortably by finale.
Do you ever commit to something and then get yourself so worked up over it that when you realise there might be a possibility that you can’t follow through it sends you down a spiral so fast you think Movieworld might want to create the ride and name it after you?
That’s how I feel.
By now this will all be sounding rather cryptic and out there.
Isn’t that half the fun of reading a blog? Anticipating the next post, the next chapter, wondering what’s going to happen next? Half planning it in your head how you would react and what you would do?
So what are the key ingredients to my back to basics to reclaim this round?
Water. Lots and lots of water. For me to drink, not to bathe in. I commit to 3L per day.
High protein, high vegetable content diet. I commit to 1200 calories per day and eating 100% clean.
Exercise. Yep, I’m not doing enough of it. I commit to going overboard and doing daily 1200 calorie burns.
This is only a short term ramp up to kick start the weight loss again.
Then I will drop it back to the recommended amounts to keep the weight loss sustainable.
If anyone else has any other tips on how to look hot in lycra and not like some bubble wrapped piece of pork that’s been strung way too tight, then please put me out of my misery and share the secret.
I think it's also time to give you some updated photos - I'll get them taken and upload asap.

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