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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Day 3. Still on track. Really?

Surprisingly, I’m still on track. Yes, my calories were out on Monday but was fine yesterday and today I’m smashing an accelerator day. That’s right, no carbs, well, very limited carbs.

Although I’m extremely tired, I am feeling slightly calm and back in control. Could writing down what I consume really have that much effect? When I think back, I haven’t actively been using MFP for quite a while now. Seeing what others are doing and eating is just spurring me on.

I think I need to eat my words (lucky there’s no calories in them)…. I think I need this next round. It’s 12 months since my first lightbulb moment and my body and mind both seem to be ready for the next leg of the race. Now comes the next question, how can I squeeze $199 out of my budget between now and the 18th November?

Nope, didn’t win enough on the horses to cover it, and before you ask, I didn’t spend $199 on the horses either.

Time for another eBay run I think. I just don’t know what I’ve got left to sell. That’s an excuse. I will find a way. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

So to reward myself for getting back on track I bought some MB One Active gear. Although still a little tight, I can squeeze into a sz 16. I've also realised that I hadn't been seeing myself quite as I am - I have always said and thought I had big boobs - apparently not, apparently it's just small lumps of fat. I apologise for the fuzziness of the photo – apparently my camera is dying but that’s not within the budget either….

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