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Monday, 19 November 2012

2012 - Round 4 - ShinyNewCamilla - Day 1

Today it starts again. Another 12 weeks of sweat, blood and tears and this time I'm going to make it worth every second.
I've just come back from an absolutely magical weekend with some very amazing people. I am still in awe as to how lucky I am to have them in my life.
To give you a bit of an update as to what we got up to, I highly recommend you visit my dear friend's blog where she will give you the inside goss:
Apart from that we had an awesome group workout and a fantastic finale. Being around all these inspirational, sexy and confident women has given me the kick I need.
I can feel it. I want it. That's me baby!
So here goes. My final weight loss round. After this I'm hitting the lean and strong path to see where that will take me.
I've done my pre-season tasks. I've done my measurements. I need to do my fitness test, but I'm back on track.
My head is with me. My body is with me. I am strong and I own this.
I feel so powerful that I almost believe I deserve a theme song.
I can think of snippets out of so many songs I want to include - "RIP to the girl I used to be, her days are over" and "I'm sexy and I know it", hmmm there are so many more but those are the ones that immediately came out of the tips of my fingers as I tap the keys to the tunes above.
I don't think you can truly ever move anywhere on your journey until your head and your body are ready to go in the same direction - otherwise it's like being pulled in different directions that you generally just get frustrated and give up or rip yourself into pieces and go into meltdown mode. I nearly went in to meltdown mode last round.
This weekend I realised that 12WBT has become my addiction. I can't skip rounds. I have this neverending need to see what the weekly surprise is or who has done what. I get just as excited by everyone else's results as my own.
Anyway, this was just going to be a short post to show you my starting point for this round. If anyone is thinking about joining up that hasn't yet, please drop me a comment and I can send you a referral - if I get three referrals sign up in a round then I will win a brand new white polar!! Yay! I want one! I want one!!

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