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Monday, 18 June 2012

Putting Yourself on Hold

There’s one four letter word that scares the beejeebus out of me – DIET.

As soon as someone mentions the word I cringe a little.

For me, losing weight is not a diet. Being healthy is not just something a do for a few weeks and then go back to my old ways and cross my fingers and hope that I won’t balloon back up again.

When I made the decision to become healthy, I decided this was forever. This is a lifestyle change that I would incorporate my life around to ensure I lived a long and healthy life. I don’t put life on hold – I don’t put myself on hold. This is a long term solution and I need to treat it as such. This means when I travel for work or pleasure I need to work out how to incorporate this into my everyday life.

The reason this topic has crossed my mind is that tomorrow I’m travelling for work.

Now, I’ll be completely honest, I’ve fallen off the rails more than I’ve stayed on them this round. My excuses are out of control but I’m making a conscious effort to change that. This is my first test, not to give in all the delicacies and temptations available.

So how am I going to tackle this?

Firstly, I will be taking my HRM, and even if it’s just situps, pushups and/or star jumps, I will be doing exercise. As I’m only taking carry on luggage (it’s a 24 hour trip), I won’t be packing joggers etc but I will pack my resistance bands.

Next is nutrition. Actually, it probably should have been the first point. The 24 hours is basically fully catered. Although my colleagues are aware of my journey, I’m not sure whether this has been taken into account, and to ensure my success I’m going to ASSUME that it hasn’t. That way I’m prepared. I will ensure that I pack some snack packs that are calorie and ingredient controlled. I will also stay away from creamy type dishes or anything that looks like it may have been fried. I know I can do this. I’ve gone out to restaurants during my first round and I survived.

After carefully considering the entire trip, I am quite confident in my success. I have pre-planned and prepared to make it easier for me to succeed so I won’t give in to temptation. I will check in either tomorrow or Wednesday to let you know how I go.

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