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Monday, 11 June 2012

Hey Goodlooking!

This round feels so different from last round.
Last round I was filled with excitement, anticipation and curiosity.
This time, I already know it works. I know how it works.
It's quite simple, there's no magic pill to swallow.
Swallow your pride and just do it.
Consume less than you burn.
So simple, yet so hard.
I'm still learning lessons from first round as we enter week 2 of the second round. I feel like I'm cheating myself by still learning the lessons from round 1 whilst completing round 2.
Many things have changed, especially in the last fortnight.
I now see myself on a regular basis.
What? You may ask. Is she on drugs? Ha ha ha, no I'm not, never touched them, never will but the highs that I'm now experiencing are amazing.
I can finally see the changes in my body. It took me to lose 30 kg for my eyes to recognise these changes in the mirror.
I still pick up clothes and go to put them on and then realise that they now swim on me. It's a real ego boost on top of everything - it gives me that little kick to keep going.
I've also got some other good news to share. I've met a guy.
Yep, after all that ranting about never meeting anyone, I have.
He's a wonderful guy with a great sense of humour, he's a perfect gentleman and treats me like a lady. Best of all, he knows about my journey, my challenges and he's willing to support me through them. Not many guys you meet would do that straight up - he even cooked me dinner and kept within my calorie boundaries and he's very thoughtful. I guess having all this happy energy is making it easier to keep going to the gym, to run around at home and I'm no longer getting any sweet cravings.
I'm hungrier than I ever have been but I think I may have been cutting myself a bit shy on the calorie intake so that will be my focus this week. That and running 36km.
So for now I say adieu but I'll be back before the end of the week with another scrumptious recipe - it's been a while since I've done one.


  1. Yay! So pleased for you. Was wondering why you were MIA!