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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Enter Sandman. Please?

I am so tired.
I know that to lose weight there are some ingredients which are critical for the recipe of success.
These ingredients include water, nutritious food, minerals and vitamins (commonly found it your nutritious food) and SLEEP.
I’ve drunk over 2L of water already, a teapot of green tea and I’ve munched down breakfast, morning tea and afternoon tea (yep, it’s not even lunchtime) and I’m still feeling hungry.
I know the underlying reason will be my tiredness.
Oh, I forgot to mention – one big take-away cup of long black coffee.
My eyelids are heavy. I’m doing some mundane, repetitive tasks at work which isn’t helping.
If there were pretzels in the vending machine I’d be a ‘goner’, but there isn’t so I’m safe. For now. The temptation to get something else is still there – ideally matchsticks to hold my eyes open but they don’t sell them.
I hate having so much coffee in one day but looks like I’ve left myself no option. Only other option is to walk/drive to the shop but I’m not sure how strong my willpower is there.
Time to suck it up and JFDI. Keep working, drink water and forget food. Better planning required for tomorrow.
Oh and yes, I was weak – lol- but did you know Burgermen only have 606kj, that’s 144 calories, less than 1g sugar per serve. Yep there are a lot of artificial flavours/colours but I’m desperate.

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