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Friday, 5 October 2012

‘Cause that’s how I roll!

I feel I’m in a similar frame of mind that first led me to sign up for 12wbt towards the end of last year.

I don’t know exactly how I brought this on or if it has something to do with the major release of emotion I’ve had through my last couple of blog posts but finally the penny has dropped or the ball is rolling or whatever you’d like to call it.

I’ve slipped back to my ‘scale addict’ habits and I’ve been tapping the scales every day since my “cider realisation” and every day the numbers have dropped. I’m still consuming 1200 calories per day and I’m trying to get out and move about most days.

It’s like a snowball effect. You see a small change, so you try harder to make the change bigger and then when it happens, you’re super motivated to push that little bit further.

That’s how I roll at the moment.

I’m stoked. Actually, ecstatic is a more appropriate word. I wish I knew how I got here, but once again I’m as clueless as I was last year. I’m not going to fight it to work out how or why, because I’m too scared I’ll lose it.

With that in mind, I applied for leave for Sydney finale and a trip to Brisbane – it’s like the stars are all aligned – within 20 minutes it was all approved. Accommodation has already been reserved, so now it’s time to book flights and ensure I still have the $$ to pay for the room once I get there.

I haven’t even started thinking about a dress yet as I’m not sure how that will fit into the budget. Another downside to cramming so many 12wbt rounds into a year.

Now that I’m back on a roll I’m not sure whether it’ll be a slow and steady loss or whether my body will do a bit of a purge to begin with, so I’m not sure what size I’ll be by Sydney. It’s 6 weeks away. I’m assuming that will be at least a size if not two.

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