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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Introducing the Inhaler

Last night was my first PT session for this round.
Oh my goodness. I've never had a PT like Chris before but I'm wishing I had.
I burnt nearly 500 calories in under 40 minutes.
I was saturated in sweat, and my sweat has never been so rancid in my life.
I've done workouts before, I've sweated, I've been sore and exhausted but not to this extent.
This is what PT is all about. Or at least, this is what PT should be all about.
I waited to feel the pain last night but nothing appeared. A slight feeling of disappointment settled in.
I was expecting to be in agony. I went to bed just thinking that maybe my body wasn't cut out for exercise after all.
At least not to this extent.
So after having my little tantrum and waiting up till 11pm to "feel the burn" I finally fell into bed exhausted and disappointed.
Waking up this morning was a different experience.
Still exhausted due to my lack of thinking last night but definitely feeling a little bit sore. As I tried to bounce out of bed (as I normally do because it makes me believe the day is going to be a good one - seriously, it works!) I realised that I might be a little more tender than I first thought. A smile crept across my face - finally I'm sore after PT.
I got ready and headed off to work, still feeling sore but super excited about the prospect of my fitness increasing, fat decreasing to unveil the body I know is hiding somewhere underneath.
It's 8 am and it's hit me like a brick! Hunger has appeared out of nowhere. I don't recall feeling hunger like this before. It was so loud, I'm not really sure whether it was hunger or cravings or anything else. It's like my brain was only partially functioning and without thinking I started inhaling.
Inhaling food.
Ooohh breakfast brunch bar, fill me up! Hmmm, still room, another one inhaled, a couple of premium crackers and a couple of vita weets, a coffee, a green tea and a peppermint tea. It's now just past 11am and I've stopped eating. I feel disgusted and so disappointed in myself. I didn't prepare, nor did I plan for this.
I could have avoided this by being more prepared, by having nutritional, low calorie snacks around.
Doing some quick rough calculations, I inhaled approximately 800 calories. For those of you who haven't been reading my blog since the beginning won't have read the post where I inhaled several thousand calories. My binges are definitely reducing, but obviously not under control.
I am serious about this round. I am committing to my weightloss. This is a slip up. Yes, I will feel bad for today because I can't get to the gym as I'm working a double shift, but I'll be making up for it tomorrow.
Now I have some serious decisions to make. Do I attempt to only eat half meals for the rest of the day? I know I'm definitely not skipping meals, it doesn't work like that. I've calculated the rest of my day and I'll be coming in at 656 calories over my quota. I can reduce that as I have eggs as my protein to go with my soup - they're worth 140 calories. I can also cut out my yoghurt for afternoon tea which is 110 calories - that's 250 calories gone…. The soup I'm having for lunch and dinner is only roughly 175 cals per serve so I don't want to cut everything out and end up twice as bad.
There's probably a lot of my supporters out there 'tsk tsk tsk' -ing and mumbling things but I'm human. I binged. I'm not proud of it but I own it. If I cut out my protein and afternoon snack, then there's a good chance I'll binge again tonight and there's only vending machines there.
I don't really have much else to say….I'm out of words…. Thanks for reading….


  1. Oh you poor thing ! Ok so did you have breakfast ? ? It's weird how that works sometimes hunger can just HIT ! All I can suggest to reduce calories for the rest of the day is to have more veg and salad the soup would be good . I always keep an apple in my bag for emergencies . don't be too hard on yourself . You can always try and get a few more calories back tomorrow and the next day . Remember we are all human . I have slipped up today too . Tomorrow is a new day ! Love your blog.

  2. Yeah I did have breakfast, I actually think it's due to the workout the night before. Normally I always finish on a protein shake but I didn't last night. Lesson learnt. Always have protein shake :)